[TRANSLATION] 140701 Let’s meet the nation’s little sister, IU, who has now become a goddess!


아.이.유 is there anyone whose heart doesn’t start beating faster upon hearing these 3 syllables? With ‘Good Day’, ‘You and I’, ‘Every End of the Day’, ‘The Red Shoes’ and many other hit songs under her belt and her friendly replies to fans’ comments on her official fancafe Uaena, she’s the ideal type of many guys and receives a lot of love from young female fans and uncle fans, etc. Let’s hear what IU has to say.


IU at the venue of the Samsung Passion Talk concert held in Busan on 24th June. The moment she appeared on stage, the audience started reacting wildly.

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yesterday at inkigayo myungsoo had to do aegyo while hosting and once the camera stopped rolling, he squatted down by the stairs in shame and would not lift his head for like a whole minute      aegyo left him a broken man